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Merton Capital Partners (MCP) exists to help you scale the nonprofit you love. Yet scale is elusive in philanthropy, and in social impact more generally. Whether you are looking to grow your local nonprofit or want to back a Big Bet to solve a large social issue, detailed planning, and nonprofit management support, are essential.

Are you a frustrated philanthropist? Do you support great nonprofits which don’t seem to grow significantly or aim to solve a problem that has actually worsened in your community or around the world? We can help.

Does the nonprofit you love have a written long-term plan to deploy larger philanthropy with measurable outcomes? Is it of the quality of the for-profit companies you invest in? How can you give more without detailed long-term plans? We can help.

We develop growth plans for philanthropists to invest more meaningfully, in conjunction with a nonprofit’s leaders. We identify barriers to scale and the solutions to overcome these. We can help by applying our experience in private equity and in growing organizations.


MCP seeks to help philanthropists scale the nonprofits they love while achieving higher levels of fulfillment.


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MCP is grounded on the importance of detail planning, thorough due diligence, earnest dedication to support management teams over the long-run and intense focus on long-term sustainability and measurable results. As innovations in government performance contracts and social impact bonds accelerate, new avenues of sustainability are available.

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What Are Big Bets?

Big Bets are being developed by foundation leaders such as The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and The Edna McConnell Clark Foundation where $100 million or more is gifted to one nonprofit.

The advent of third party active managers of large philanthropy, led by Blue Meridian Partners in New York, points to the development of very rigorous processes for large gifts, like those processes in private equity. As Co-Impact and other nonprofits follow the success of Blue Meridian Partners, a clear path of active management of large philanthropy will continue to develop. Blue Meridian Partners has $1.7 billion in philanthropic commitments under management from some of the largest families and foundations. These are structured as Limited Partners, also following the private equity industry. Their scale is significant with $200 million being allocated to each nonprofit they support.

If you are looking to pursue a Big Bet to invest very large philanthropy, we can help.

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See our published article “Solving the Giving Pledge Bottleneck” in the Journal of Wealth Management in 2016 to see our innovative approaches. We determined it almost impossible to deploy the estimated $600 billion in Giving Pledge funds into nonprofits who mostly do not have detailed long term plans. But this bottleneck can be solved. Whether you are looking to increase your current giving or significantly increase it, we can help.

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Our Mission

MCP is helping pioneer Big Bet philanthropy to solve large societal challenges. It is applying the private equity model of large growth equity, to non-profits with excellent management teams. It will continue to develop thought leadership such as the first philanthropic social impact bond and the first corporate social impact bond.


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There is a win-win path when philanthropists provide large scale gifts to give nonprofit management teams all the resources they require to solve an issue with people in need.

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