The Art of Giving


Despite the many differences and seeming conflicts of opinion, all world Spiritual traditions have at their core a sensitivity and compassion for the poor.

What is the reason for this? Why should spiritual development and fulfillment be connected so strongly with helping and uplifting those in need?

The wisdom across belief traditions, emphasize the act of service and self-giving to truly find a sense of purpose and satisfaction that transcends the world. Giving to those in need sets up a splendid alchemy that transforms and uplifts our lives and those around us, bringing lasting relief and a new beginning to those who had no hope.

Merton Capital Partners is committed to this transformative process and aims at ending several social problems in specific locations. It sees this as the way that honors and benefits donors and those suffering alike.

Our bold vision seeks to bring together, opportunities for our donors to experience a return on investment that is unique, in terms of fulfillment, while achieving high-scale good. At the same time, government savings will accrue to each community.